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The MagicCann Vijaya Extract Balm is your perfect multipurpose companion that can soothe your skin and has a plethora of uses. Most people out there today are looking for assurance that their full spectrum hemp balm is good for them. The world is undergoing a hemp product revolution for this very reason. By introducing your body to this balm, you can begin nourishing yourself from the inside.

Why Choose Hemp?

Unlike most other products out there, the MagiCann full-spectrum hemp balm is all natural and clinically proven. All Magicann products undergo lab-testing so that you can use them tension-free. This hemp balm helps you with a wide array of problems not limited to pain. You can use this for everything from dry skin to inflammation and severe pain healing. This is why the balm is introduced to you as a full spectrum solution that can take care of multiple problems for you.

Most people still believe that hemp and CBD products may have their own drawbacks. All MagiCann products all lab tested and 100% organic. These products go through rigorous testing for your health and assurance. As the world slowly realises the many benefits of hemp products, you can do so too with your pocket-sized helper. Once you begin using it, you will almost instantly feel the difference between using commercial moisturisers or creams and organic hemp balms.

This balm is the ideal organic hack you need to carry with you wherever you go. The smart-sized packaging of this balm makes it perfect to take it with you wherever you go. You can simply carry it with you to make sure that you and your family are safe and protected no matter what. It has everyday benefits as well as medical benefits that keep you healthy and happy. Unlock a world of benefits by simply opening one bottle. Like most hemp products, you will find that this balm works wonders for a wide range of medical problems.

How to use:

Using this hemp balm does not require you to have any additional knowledge. Most people find it super easy to adapt to this product because of how simple it is. Don’t think of it as an additional supplement product but rather an upgrade. You can treat this balm just as you treat your normal moisturizer. The only difference that you will see is that the range of medical benefits for you will be a lot more. Apply directly to the affected area and give it a slight massage. Adjust the dosage and reapply as required.

Since this balm is organic in nature, you don’t need to worry about the dosage at all. The balm best works when you directly apply it to your skin. If you want to treat irritation or inflammation,
be sure to cover the entire area well. This allows the goodness of hemp to seep into your skin and heal you well.

Before you use this full spectrum hemp balm, you might want to perform a patch test. A patch test is a simple test to see if you are allergic to the product or not. In this case, you will be checking if you are allergic to any CBD products. Simply apply a little of it on your wrist and leave it for about 24 hours. If you are allergic to CBD products, you will develop a minor rash on your skin or face some irritation.


  • Improves the condition of the skin & hydrates
  • Relieves muscle & joint pains
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps reduce symptoms of skin issues


It is highly recommended that you ensure that you are not allergic to any CBD products before using this balm.
For external use only


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Magiccann Full Spectrum Hemp Balm
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