Which CBD Product is Right for You

Find Your Perfect Match: Which CBD Product is Right for You

Herbal Therapies have been emerging in modern times. Welcome to the world of Cannabidiol (CBD), where you can explore new paths for treating your health needs and ailments. CBD is a comparatively new concept in herbal products used in edibles, beauty products, and even pet care products. You must be aware of CBD applications, but finding the right CBD product for you on your own can be difficult. 

All your searches for CBD products can come to an end now. Hempiverse, based in India, offers you premium quality CBD products to meet your diverse needs. Our comprehensive range of CBD edibles, skincare and petcare products might benefit you in multiple ways. 

In this blog, get a guide on which CBD products are suitable for you for different uses.

Finding The Right CBD: Which One Is Ideal For You? 

  1. Relieving Your Muscular and Joint Pain 

The most commonly used CBD products involve CBD oils. What makes them popular? Their easily accessible properties help people mix or consume CBD oils directly. Active use of this oil might reduce inflammation and stress and even heal issues in your nervous system. If 

If you are looking to buy cannabis oil in India, then Hempiverse can be your best choice. Our collection of THC-free CBD oil, Full-Spectrum CBD oil and CBD Isolates might be effective. However, it is advisable to use CBD Oils and isolates as a part of your overall pain treatment. 

THC-Free CBD Oil 

Primary extracts from cannabis plants involve Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Amongst the two, THC is the psychoactive component that infuses an intoxicating effect on consumption. THC can be harmful to your nervous system, and hence, THC-Free CBD Oil has arrived on the market.

Our THC-Free CBD Oil might be the right choice for you to treat your sleep disorders. CBD Oil might influence neurotransmitter activity in your nervous system and reduce stress hormones. This might help you treat sleep disorders like insomnia to a great extent.

When you go ahead to buy cannabis oil in India, Hempiverse can be your ideal choice. You can directly add oil to your food and beverages or apply it to your skin. However, it’s advisable to check into your allergic, dietary and overall sleep disorder treatment prior to usage.  

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

Full Spectrum CBD contains multiple essential cannabis plant extracts like CBD and THC. However, THC content needs to be less than CBD content for lesser intoxicating effects. The combined involvement of different cannabis extracts can relieve you from muscular and orthopaedic pain. 

If you suffer from chronic diseases like arthritis, Full Spectrum CBD Oil may be the right choice. It can react with your body’s endocannabinoid (pain receptor) system and reduce arthritis-related irritation and aches. 

Hempiverse offers tincture bottles of Full spectrum cbd oil that are quickly and directly applicable. However, the correct dosage might vary depending on your personal needs. It’s advisable to not consume in case of pregnancy or if you have currently or previously had cancer. 

CBD Isolates 

CBD Isolates, just like THC-Free CBD Oil, only contain cannabidiol. It is generally the purest form of CBD with 0% THC. 

Hempiverse offers CBD Isolates as Broad Spectrum CBD Dabs. Our main flavours include Lemon, Grapes, Blueberry and Mixed Fruit. The CBD Isolate Dabs might relieve your muscular and joint pains through external application. 

  1. Relieving Your Menstrual and Migraine Pain 

Menstrual cramps and migraine pains can be unbearable at times. Taking Cannabis Topicals might help you with faster and more flexible pain relief. You can also add herbal therapy to your beauty routine with our skincare cream while addressing pain relief. 

CBD Topicals 

Cannabis topicals mainly include cream, ointment, and gel for external surface application. Following the pain-relieving benefits of CBD Oils, topicals have similarly emerged. 

Hempiverse offers Cannabis topicals such as skin care creams, tincture oil bottles and pain relieving gels. You can effectively use them to alleviate migraine and menstrual pain. Our pain relievers come as roll ons for flexible use, while we similarly offer sprays. 

  1. Relieving Your Stress 

Readily chewable CBD gummies might reduce your anxiety and stress. Sometimes, it can be challenging to intake stress relievers in public places or on a busy schedule. CBD gummies can be consumed as regular candies without any hassle or additional mixtures. Now, relieve your stress in a fun and healthy way. 

CBD Gummies 

Your healthy diet routines might not include edible gums. However, CBD Gummies can change your perspective. CBD Gummies are chewy candies containing cannabidiol. How beneficial are they? 

At Hempiverse, you can get CBD gummies in small containers that can be carried in small spaces like purses and pockets. Our gummies come in four different flavours: red grapes, lemon, orange, elderberry, and mixed fruits, for a healthy and fun experience. 

Experiencing anxiety attacks can be stressful. With cbd gummies from Hempiverse, anxiety attacks can be quickly dealt with at any time. 

  1. Relieving Pain and Stress 

Emotional stress can be equally painful to handle, just like physical disease. Taking in cannabis extracts might help you improve your emotional state to a great extent. Similarly, direct association with your blood may help you relieve muscular and joint pain. 

Cannabis Extracts 

Cannabis extracts are available in solid, semi-solid, and liquid forms. Hempiverse offers cannabis extracts that include a 1:1 ratio of cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes. Our CBD extracts are free from plant wax or lipids. Each strain profile contains a distinct aroma of natural items like lemon, cookies, and earth. 

Final Thoughts 

There is not one, but multiple CBD products can be right for you. It is essential to know your health issues prior to applying any CBD product. Simultaneously, it is necessary to understand how each CBD product might work for different health issues. 

Hempiverse offers CBD oils and gummies to reduce physical and mental stress. It is advisable to consider CBD as part of your overall treatment process. You can rely on our CBD products and wait for the herbal magic.

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