Types of CBD Products

Types of CBD Products and How They Help: An In-Depth Analysis

What comes to mind when you first hear the word Cannabis? Is it a Narcotic? Well, Cannabis definitely involves narcotics, but do you know it is also widely used for medicines? 

Let us introduce you to Cannabidiol (CBD), a significant extract of cannabis plants. CBD products are primarily used for pain and stress relief and for treating digestive issues. The items come in liquid, solid and semi-solid forms, not only for you but for your pets also. 

How and where to purchase CBD products? Hempiverse is right here. 

Hempiverse is an India-based online store that offers a variety of products containing CBD and Hemp extracts. You can buy cannabis edibles, personal care products, pet care products, and more. 

In this blog, we will discuss different types of CBD products and how they can help you in multiple ways. 

What are CBD Products? The Key Idea 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of numerous components extracted from cannabis plants. Other significant components include Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary instigator of the intoxicated feeling one gets upon consuming Cannabis. Without THC, the accessible CBD is your main hero. 

You will not get high on consuming CBD. It will react with your body’s emotions and pain receptors. Your Endocannabinoid (ECS) system is primarily responsible for your feelings. CBD alleviates with your ECS to reduce inflammation and release antioxidants. 

CBD can be beneficial for your overall health in multiple ways. Having neck pains? CBD might save you. Feeling anxious? CBD might help. Want your digestive issues to end? Choose CBD.

Types and Benefits of CBD Products 

CBD Oil 

CBD Oils are the most commonly extracted products from cannabis plants. Primary benefits might include pain relief and relaxation, and also mind-altering effects. If you are looking to buy cbd oil, the two following types can be your top choice. 

THC-Free CBD Oil 

When the intoxicating component THC is extracted from CBD, the residual can provide high medicinal benefits. Hempiverse offers tincture bottles of THC-Free CBD Oil in 10 ml and 30 ml quantities. Fruity flavours and aromas are also available with a refreshing sense. 

You can directly consume or add our THC-free CBD Oil to other edibles at your convenience. It will react to your ECS System to act as a potential stress reliever. An alleviated feeling might reduce sleep disorders like insomnia. 

Similarly, you can consume THC-Free CBD Oil to reduce your digestive issues. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties might repair the internal tissues of your stomach and intestines. Adding thc free cbd oil to your diet might increase the secretion of digestive enzymes and improve your metabolism. 

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 

Full-spectrum oil contains other cannabis extracts like flavonoids and terpenes alongside cannabinoids. However, THC is purposefully discarded to avoid the intoxicating aspects of CBD products.

Hempiverse offers 10 ml and 30 ml tincture bottles of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. Like THC-free oil, you can consume it directly or intake it by adding it to other edibles. 

If you are looking to buy cbd oil for sleep disorders, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil can be your choice. 

Full-spectrum CBD Oil can impose entourage and neuroprotective effects to potentially treat arthritis or neuropathy. You might also get a relaxed feeling and an improved sleep cycle after a gradual pain relief. 

Similarly, the anti-anxiolytic properties also improve sleeping routines and reduce insomnia occurrences. It is advisable to maintain dosages at your convenience and with existing medical prescriptions.

Cannabis Topicals

Can CBD be used for skin care, too? 

Yes, Cannabis Topicals can be your perfect choice.

We offer skin cream, transdermal, and cannabis leaf oil for moisturising and dermal care. The antioxidant properties of cannabis topicals often help hydrate your skin and reduce dryness. 

You can buy cbd oil, primarily containing topicals, to potentially enhance anti-inflammatory reactions in cells. This might internally heal damaged cells and increase the healing process of your skin tissue.  Hempiverse comes up with balms and roll-ons for menstrual and migraine relief. CBD’s anti-inflammatory components reduce cellular inflammation and induce a relaxed feeling. 

Whether it’s muscular pain or skin dryness, topicals can be your potential choice. 

Cannabis Extracts 

Cannabis Extracts are available in solid and liquid forms involving a 1:1 ratio of CBD and other components like flavonoids and terpenes. 

Hempiverse offers Strain-Specific Cannabis Extracts that can be directly injected into your bloodstream. Each strain profile has its distinct aroma and flavour. Our popular ones involve earthy, pine, and woody aromas and tastes. 

CBD extracts might help alleviate muscular pain and anxiety levels to a certain extent. Direct blood transmission can improve solubility within muscular tissues, which might enhance reacting ability and internal healing processes. 

Cannabis Edibles 

Cannabis edibles are one interesting byproduct of CBD. The most popular among all is CBD gummies. Blending flavour, colour, and aroma, CBD Gummies can surely win your heart.  The Gummies have become increasingly popular due to their convenience in consumption. They are quick to eat and mostly come in fruity flavours, making them more fun and relaxing to consume. 

Hempiverse offers five distinct flavours for CBD gummies, including lemon, orange, elderberry, mixed fruit, and grapes. Choosing our gummies might help you with a relaxing feeling and reduce emotional stress and anxiety. They also improve your oral health and enhance your metabolism but potentially increase salivary secretion. 


We try to provide our pets with the best treatment. CBD is effective for pets, too. 

Hempiverse offers Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for dogs in tincture bottles containing 500 mcg, 1800 mcg, and 3000 mcg volumes. How can they help? 

Pet CBD Oil offers a spectrum of benefits as a potent anxiety and stress reliever. It might react with your dog’s ECS, helping manage chronic pain. Regular or frequent consumption of cannabis oil might help improve your dogs’ metabolism, keeping them healthy and enhancing their longevity. 

Wrapping Up 

CBD Products and their growing popularity are on a hike for a cause. From reducing your muscular rigidity to enhancing your mood, CBD might be your potential caretaker. Hempiverse provides you with more comprehensive options for choosing the best CBD product. Our affordable prices and detailed instructions help you determine the correct usage.  Choose your CBD for a better and healthier life ahead.

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