Best CBD Products for Anxiety Relief

Your Guide to the Best CBD Products for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety Pre-Talk: Before We Get into Discussing Cannabis Medication

The truest, natural way to anxiety relief needs an understanding of your true self and your conditioned self. Also, you need to understand where and why they differ. Sure you got the time for this? If your answer is a “No”, then this piece is going to help.

The best part is, however, that you must have certainly undergone some sort of an awakening, or else you wouldn’t have shown up here. And chances are, you’re looking for a quick relief – something for which you don’t have to try too hard. You have already learnt – through experience or through words of mouth, or you might have read about it – that commonplace pharmacological medications like benzodiazepines, Beta-adrenergic blockers and Serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors are effective only up to an extent. Elaborated, that means – till tolerance sets in and your medications fail to work as expected.

So deductive logic tells us that you’ve come here to find out about something which might give you not just a quick relief from your anxiety attack but, over time, might also reduce their frequencies.

Welcome to the world of full-spectrum CBDhemp seed oilcannabis topical applications and other online hemp products. These pose a stark contrast to the pharmacological medications with varying efficacy and, often, adverse side effects.

Who are Benefitted the most from Anxiety from Cannabis medication?

  • Overthinkers: Now, they’re the most obvious among all anxiety victims! What causes them to overthink is also the reason behind their anxiety. It’s a simple equation their parents or caretakers failed to solve during the childhood of the victim. Anxiety in them forms as a result of an over-restrictive childhood when they feared being criticized, judged and punished for everything they did.
  • PTSD Victims: PTSD is what we know as shell shock during and after post-World War I and as combat fatigue post World War II. It occurs when an individual undergoes a traumatic event or a series of them, where the mind gets conditioned to expect the same traumatic event (or events) to repeat from time to time.
  • Individuals with an anxious personality trait: It’s a stable, fundamental behavioral tendency with biological mechanisms at its root. An imbalance between the three monoamine neurotransmitters – Dopamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine and norepinephrine/noradrenalin – whatever the cause might be, throws perceptions of reward, punishment and novelty seeking off balance, resulting in the development of anxiety. In other words, this is called a ‘flight-or-fight’ response.
  • High-IQ individuals: A high IQ makes you more prone to develop anxiety and depression, but the best part is that they are also more capable of overcoming anxiety issues than their less intelligent counterparts. That’s because they can force themselves to rational thinking, address the causal factors and with a little help from nerve-calming agents, they can calm themselves even better!
  • Introverts: Extraverts also get anxious from time to time; however, it’s the introverts who are more likely to develop anxiety and depression. The nature of introverts is to think and judge without actually enquiring about something or someone to draw a conclusion. So, it’s more common for them to anticipate something ill to be brooding out there, a premonition, and get anxious about it.
  • Women: Anxiety disorders are more prevalent among women than men, as comparisons have proved till now. Factors that contribute to the higher prevalence of anxiety in females are their meta-cognitive beliefs in the realms of uncontrollability, advantages and avoidance of worry.
  • Hyperactive pets suffering from separation anxiety: By pets, we mean dogs, for cats usually love to stay aloof and not seek attention like dogs do. Puppies that were not socialized well (with animals/people) and got too much attached to the family members or got too much dependent upon them, often show traits of separation anxiety as adult dogs. If your dog always tries to remain close to you, follows you everywhere, rarely or doesn’t spend time alone and gets into destruction mode (one kind of hyperactivity) when alone, it shows he/she is suffering from separation anxiety.

What types of Cannabis medication shall Benefit you the Most?

THC-Free CBD Oil: You didn’t get the THC-free CBD oil in India until very recently. CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is extracted from the cannabis plant but is non-psychoactive, i.e. does not cause a high. Highly effective in relieving physical pain, reducing anxiety and promoting both physical and psychological relaxation.

Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil: This, too, is a CBD extract that comprises other cannabinoids and terpenes apart from CBD. You’ll even find trace levels of tetrahydrocannabinol in it to encourage an entourage effect and facilitate a synergistic interaction between the substances present in the oil. It offers you an all-encompassing approach to psychosomatic wellness and not just anxiety.

CBD Isolate: This form of cannabidiol (CBD) is completely free from THC and is a good option for beginners/first-timers who detest the idea of getting high. Apart from treating anxiety, CBD isolate also boosts the immune system, prevents the formation of tumours, fights inflammation and nausea, protects nerves, prevents seizures and relieves pain.

Hemp Edibles: Meant for oral consumption, the edibles are a bit slow to show the effects, for they need to be metabolized first by the liver before mixing into the bloodstream. The good part is: The effects also last longer. You get them as hemp gummies, capsules, tablets, soft gels and Hemp Protein Powder among many other forms.

Pet CBD Oil: This natural supplement from the hemp plants contains just CBD and alleviates multiple other issues than anxiety. Being non-psychoactive, they make a safe option for your pet and CBD oil for dogs in India is considered as a safe, holistic approach for the overall betterment of health and quality of life for your pet. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and has been observed to enhance and maintain joint health, initiate healthy appetite, strengthen the immune system and relieve seizures.

Where to Find your Best CBD Products for Anxiety Relief?

Not everyone from whom you want to buy CBD oil India or buy CBD oilfrom outside of India is necessarily trustworthy. The same applies when you want to buy cannabis edibles, or you want to buy cannabis oil in India. At Hempiverse, we have our qualified medical professional available to assist you with recommendations, choosing and dosage amounts based on your needs and requirements.

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